RWE International Graduate Programme (IGP)

The International Graduate Programme is a stepping stone in the careers of Europe’s best graduates.
Every year, the RWE Group awards graduates a limited number of the highly coveted slots – opening up a treasure trove of valuable international experience to young talents in Europe. Where your traineeship takes place is up to you – and depends on your strengths and goals. Regardless of your path, your mentor supports you all along the way. And that’s just the beginning!

Graduates joining the programme are starting their career at RWE – which begins with the Welcome Days. Here, they get to know their fellow trainees, colleagues and first project station at RWE. Any unanswered questions and organisational issues can be quickly cleared up at this time. The dinner offers trainees and their mentors the chance to talk in a relaxed atmosphere.

RWE International Graduate Programme (IGP)

The International Graduate Programme offers numerous stepping stones for you to take your career in virtually any direction. Every trainee gains an extensive insight into the diverse range of everyday business tasks at RWE – all while collecting lots of knowledge about the industry. IGP participants are thus taking two steps at one time – on the job and off the job.

The full programme:
Within the International Graduate Programme, you experience working on projects in various departments, companies and countries along the Group’s entire value added chain. From the very beginning, you are responsible for tasks in your projects. This way, you can get to know the energy Group from inside and out – and actively participate in the company’s development.

RWE International Graduate Programme (IGP)

In addition to your work for projects, you also receive feedback on a regular basis from your mentor as well as individual advice from an external coach. You then continue to develop in both workshops and trainings. What’s more, you have the opportunity to establish contact with other programme participants or foster them further – Europe-wide.

Mentoring is a key part of the IGP
The IGP’s mentors are experienced managers from the RWE top management team. The first project of the programme always proceeds within the mentor’s direct environment. For all the other project stations, you remain in close contact with each other. Your mentor supports you in your development and helps you to expand your personal network. An external advisor, your coach offers consultation during one-on-one talks and serves as a facilitator within all feedback processes.

RWE International Graduate Programme (IGP)

The IGP’s supervisors from RWE’s management team take care of organising the working procedures and events, and they are happy to answer all your questions about the programme.
Application Method:
Interested candidates should contact:


Dana Gerdom
145128 Essen

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