World Fiscal Systems for Oil and Gas Course – The Netherlands

Run for over 33 years, this course provides participants with an intimate knowledge of petroleum upstream fiscal systems including royalties, production sharing, concessions, joint venture and service agreements. Furthermore, an in-depth assessment will be conducted on the administration of fiscal systems as well as standalone vs. incremental analysis By utilising a powerful economic model, you will assess how various economic factors can impact a fiscal system from both a government and investor perspective.

World Fiscal Systems for Oil and Gas Course
The course is interactive and relies on two powerful economic Excel spreadsheets designed by Dr van Meurs. With these spreadsheets, participants will understand how various economic factors can impact a fiscal system from both the government and corporate points of view. Participants will receive a subset of the petroleum fiscal software used during the course.  This provides a “starter-kit” to solve fiscal issues after completing the course.

Course Details:
Date: June 9, 2014 – June 13, 2014 all-day
Venue: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Course Cost:  €4,199 + NL VAT 21%

This course is also taking placing in:

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Dubai, UAE

By Attending This Course You Will Understand:
• The nature and details of all the important fiscal features in the world
• The wide variety of fiscal systems based on concessions, production sharing contracts, joint ventures, service contracts and other arrangements
• The underlying economic characteristics of the various fiscal systems
• Advanced economic analysis based on Excel spreadsheets
• How government policies impact on fiscal systems
• Competitive worldwide frameworks for investing in the oil & gas sector
• Future trends in petroleum fiscal terms

The knowledge gained will assist participants in negotiating better contracts and concessions, identifying the best investment opportunities and gaining practical, up-to-date experience from “real-life” examples.

Who Should Attend:
The course is suitable for a wide range of professionals in the oil and gas industry, government, finance and other organisations.

This includes:
• Government officials
• Country managers & external affairs
• Managers
• CEOs & CFOs
• Tax advisers & fiscal issues planners
• Legal counsels
• License administrators
• Negotiators
• Executive strategy & planning managers
• Portfolio managers
• Commercial advisers
• Accountants
• Business development & corporate
• New ventures managers
• Engineers & geophysicists
• Lawyers
• Economists & business analysts

Course Outline
1. Introduction
2. Bonuses, Rentals, Royalties
3.  Corporate Income Tax
4. Production Sharing
5. Joint Ventures and Carries Interest
6. Progressive and Special Taxes and Profit Shares
7. Value Added Taxes, Import Duties and Property Taxes
8. Service Contracts
9. Profit Sharing Contracts
10. Incremental Analysis
11. Classification of Fiscal Systems
12. Country Review of Fiscal Systems
13. Structure of Government Take
14. Level of Government Take
15. Risk Sharing
16. Resource Policies
17. Economic Policies
18. Administrative Policies
19. Internal Distribution of Government Take
20. Worldwide Future Trends

Course Leader: 

Dr Pedro van Meurs
Van Meurs Corporation

He was a leading consultant in:
• Opening of the Newfoundland offshore for exploration and production
• Alaska Petroleum Profits Tax and the proposed gas pipeline contract
• Development of the first model contract for offshore China
• Production sharing, SPT and tax terms in Trinidad and Tobago
• Capitalisation of YPFB and 1996 petroleum law in Bolivia
• PSC’s in Gabon and Bangladesh
• Creation of fiscal terms in Thailand and Pakistan
• Development of service contracts in Mexico and Kuwait

Registration Method:
Interested candidates should contact:

Nazreth Kiflay
Tel:  +44 20 7978 0007

For online registration, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE
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