Live Video: Shell Gas Station Attendant Service

At many stations you get shell competent all-round service from your Shell petrol pump attendant. You can also take additional useful services to complete. Detailed information about additional services and service hours you get at your Shell station. Watch the live video below:


Your Shell gas station attendant does that for you!

Just drive up and off: Your refuels Shell gas station attendant for you! In addition, it can serve you with any questions regarding the Shell fuels with good advice.

Check the oil level
Is no longer being looked after oil? Your Shell gas station attendant checks the oil level and also takes over and after consulting the filling for you.

Clean and check the windshield
Your Shell gas station attendant cleans for your windshield thoroughly – for a clear view and a safe journey even in rainy weather.

Fill up windscreen washer fluid
For a clear view of your controls Shell gas station attendant the mop water and makes sure that the container is optimally filled with water and optional shell transparent.

Measure air pressure
Often one does not even notice that you are traveling with the wrong tire pressure. Your Shell gas station attendant checked on request air pressure for you.

Replace lamps
If you sometimes get broken a lamp of your car headlight, you can ask the Shell gas station attendant for help. Your Shell gas station attendant you likes to go on hand to help you replace the lamp.

Interior cleaning
Let us support a gas station attendant in the interior cleaning of your car from the shell. He gladly support you in the care of the interior of your car!
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