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Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) was established in 1971 to operate in all areas of the oil and gas industry and since then has steadily broadened its activity in establishing companies and subsidiaries and creating an integrated oil and gas industry in the fields of exploration and production, support services, oil refining and gas processing, chemicals and petrochemicals, maritime transportation and refined products and distribution.

ADNOC started its Scholarship Program in 1974, to assist UAE Nationals achieve educational goals and to meet the needs of the oil industry, a vital sector of the national economy.  
The ADNOC Scholarship Program sends high school graduates to pursue their post-secondary education in reputable academic institutions around the world. Choosing the school is based on an objective selection process that evaluates each school’s academic competitiveness. 
The aim of the Scholarship program is to encourage promising young UAE nationals to specialize in the various technical disciplines essential to the Oil & Gas Industry. The Program started to send scholars to study in the USA & the UK for undergraduate studies in a variety of engineering and applied science disciplines, in August 1974.  
The first graduating class of 10 students was in 1979. Between 1979 and 1994 the Scholarship Program produced 325 graduates.  In 1999 ADNOC had 453 students, both men and women, studying in UAE University, the Higher Colleges of Technology (UAE) and educational institutions in the USA, UK and Australia. 
Today, we have a few hundred students studying in Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs, in various parts of the world. Together, we are preparing a more specialized, more competitive and highly professional team for the Oil & Gas Industry. 
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Scholarship Department
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
P.O. Box 898
Abu Dhabi – UAE
Tel (1): +9712-6023688, Tel (2): +9712-6024820
Fax: +9712-6679379
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