BP Downstream Programme For Students & Graduates

The Future Leaders Programme is designed to develop talented, ambitious people and help them grow to their full potential. As a world leader in the oil and gas industry. Downstream, also referred to at BP as Refining and marketing, has always been integral to our business.

BP Downstream Programme For Students & Graduates

If you have bold aspirations, true determination, and a flexible outlook to work anywhere in the world, our programme will make the most of your potential, talent and experience. All while giving you the skills and opportunity to lead BP into the future and craft your own long-term career.

Downstream holds a strong position in a competitive market. Not only do we operate hydrocarbon value chains covering three main businesses, fuels, lubricants, and petrochemicals, but we also have a successful team dedicated to the marketing of these new and ever-improving products. With a strong focus on safety, reliability, quality and efficiency, Downstream is looking to the future – to maintaining our competitive market position, while increasing our footprint in growing markets.

You’ll take part in two 18-24 month rotations, one of which will be international giving you the chance to live and work in another country, a valuable opportunity both professionally and personally. At every step you’ll have a mentor and access to a structured leadership development programme, attend dedicated Future Leaders Programme networking events and be part of a supportive community of future leaders like yourself.

Wherever you are working, you’ll have unmatched opportunities, in challenging roles that will develop your skills and prepare you for success as a leader with BP. Whichever stream of the programme you choose, you can expect variety and plenty of scope to put innovation to work, as you explore our global business.

Potential Locations
The Future Leaders Programme in Downstream has a truly global reach. We currently have opportunities across Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mozambique, the Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States  and Vietnam.

While you’re guaranteed to do one rotation in a region in which you’re eligible to work, you must be flexible to do a second 18-24 month placement in any one of our international locations, such as Istanbul, Shanghai, Chicago or beyond.

Business and Commercial Opportunities

  • We look for people with an undergraduate degree plus an MBA, MSc or MA and at least three years of professional experience.
  • As well as being adaptable to work in international locations, you must be flexible and prepared to work in a position that will truly challenge your expectations. We’ll take into consideration your education, experience, skill-set and ambition in order to find the best role for you, and our business.
Manufacturing, Engineering and Operations Opportunities

  • If you can combine an undergraduate degree and an MBA, PhD or MSc in science or engineering with at least three years’ professional experience, this path will allow you to hone your skills and develop your career across BP’s vast Downstream operations.

Our refineries and petrochemical plants are technically complex and a reflection of our growing investment in innovation. It’s here that hydrocarbons are converted, manufactured, upgraded and blended into products that people can put into their cars or use to heat their homes. As a participant in this stream of the Future Leaders Programme, you could join any of our global operations sites to develop both your technical and leadership capabilities.

Technology Opportunities If you can combine an undergraduate degree and an MSc or PhD in science or engineering with at least three years’ professional experience, this career path will give you a wide understanding of BP and a chance to take on some of the most innovative and technically challenging projects in the energy industry.

As a participant in our Future Leaders Programme Technology track, you could join one of our many leading development areas, including formulated products technology, refining and logistics technology, petrochemicals technology or conversion technology. 

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Application Method:
You can apply from 1 September through to the end of October 2014. If you’re successful, you’ll start in 2015.

Note: You can only apply to one of the programmes, so please ensure you have read through all of the requirements before deciding on the right opportunity for you.

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