Archer USA, Directional Driller Sr Job Opening

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Archer USA, Directional Driller Sr Job Opening

Job Details:
Job title:  Directional Driller Sr
Location:  Mills, WY, USA

Job description
Position Summary:
Perform Lead Directional Drilling operations on every type of Directional or Horizontal Well. Also, assist with the training and development of less experienced Directional Drillers.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Advise customer on all aspects of the job
  • Use Directional Drilling computer software proficiently
  • Analyze survey calculations, well-to-well clearance calculations, ellipse of uncertainty calculations, well path projections, BHA analysis, Torque and drag modeling, and vibration analysis
  • Ensure well profile plots are kept up to date and provide client representative with directional survey data
  • Be fully conversant with client’s requirements with regards to well clearance, proximity, and surveying procedures
  • Ensure a daily Directional Drilling report is completed and copied to client’s offshore and onshore drilling teams, and to the Directional Drilling Coordinator
  • Ensure a full and proper BHA performance report is completed for each BHA run
  • Ensure all service tickets and relevant paperwork is fully completed and signed by the client representative if required prior to leaving work site
  • Ensure that the Directional Drilling aspects of the well being drilled comply with client’s approved drilling program. If a deviation from the well plan is required, the authorization for such deviation shall be sought from the client representative.
  • Ensure that all company equipment for use in the directional portion of the work is inspected when delivered to the work site to check that the correct number, configuration, connections, crossovers, parts, spares, and documentation are present and correct to satisfy the work scope
  • Interface with the Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Engineer to ensure BHA compatibility, planned operating parameters are within specification, and correct tool face references are applied
  • Maintain records of all Directional Drilling equipment at well site including dimensional data and condition
  • Ensure that all equipment is laid out after use according to company procedures and manifested for backload at the end of the job
  • Foster teamwork among all personnel involved in the performance of the service
  • Work at the well site as a night directional hand
  • Assist in the training and development of less experienced Directional Drillers (DDI’s, DDII’s, & DDIII’s)
  • Comply with all Archer Directional Drilling Services and customer safety requirements


  • Able to work with others in a team environment
  • Ability to travel and work anywhere in the US
  • Ability to work shifts of days on and off
  • Able to provide a valid Drivers license
  • Able to reach in all directions, handling and manipulating objects and materials
  • Able to coordinate the movement of eyes, hands, and fingers to operate machines and equipment
  • Able to lift 75 lbs. from ground level, waist level, and/or overhead
  • Able to carry objects on level ground, unlevel ground, on ladders, etc.
  • Able to stand, sit, walk, and see with or without correction
  • Able to hear with or without correction
  • Able to follow set procedures and standards
  • Able to apply basic mathematical skills
  • Able to follow oral and/or written directions
  • Able to read and write
  • Able to recognize and report safety hazards
  • Working knowledge of drilling rig equipment
  • Working knowledge of oilfield terminology
  • Familiarity with computers and knowledge of basic Microsoft Office software
  • Ability to learn Directional Drilling software
  • Ability to teach Directional Drilling functions to less experienced drillers
  • Experience and ability to solve problems while working under pressure
  • Technical background with basic math skills including algebra and trigonometry
  • Protective equipment will be required to be worn at all times. Climatic and environmental conditions at the job site will be indoor/outdoor climate with various noise levels caused by tools, machinery, equipment, and etc.


  • Undergraduate degree in Engineering or technical discipline preferred
  • Minimum of 3 years of Directional Drilling experience (amount of experience will determine position level)

Application Method:
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