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Not only is Saudi Aramco the state-owned oil company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are also a fully integrated, global petroleum and chemicals enterprise and a world leader in exploration, production, refining, distribution, shipping and marketing.  We manage the world’s largest proven conventional crude oil and condensate reserves of 259.7 billion barrels and the world’s fourth-largest natural gas reserves of 282.6 trillion standard cubic feet.

Job Details:

Job title:  Environmental Engineer

Job ID:  12855BR

Location:  Saudi Arabia

Job description

As one of the world’s largest fully integrated energy enterprises, Saudi Aramco not only looks for individuals who can meet our expectations but for those individuals who can exceed them. Our intent is to become the world’s leading integrated energy company by 2020, and to accomplish our goals we want and encourage you to Dream Big. The professional rewards at Saudi Aramco are amazing, but so too are the lifestyle and benefits.

The Environmental Protection Department is seeking a qualified Environmental Engineer, who has strong academic credentials to work at Saudi Aramco’s main headquarters in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Duties And Responsibilities:
•Plans, schedules, and provides work direction to intra-departmental teams formed to implement and monitor company-wide environmental policies and compliance.
•Formulates the basis for environmental studies in any of several basic or special environmental fields by analyzing and evaluating all data pertinent to the problems.
•Evaluates data as to scope, effect on the existing environment, economic impact, and long-range planning and budgetary considerations.
•Initiates detailed work studies and determines the basic approach, processes, and/or equipment for environmental inspections, monitoring sampling, and evaluating measurements.
•Consolidates all elements of environmental research and data analysis, ascertaining that all elements are coordinated properly in terms of scope, manning, and schedule; and initiates corrective action as required. Complete responsibility for issuance of research findings in both hard copy and computerized forms. Responsible for the technical quality of the data.
•Develops professional and scientific methodology to be employed to identify and evaluate environmental or occupational hazards. Advises the company, local government, and industry officials on the risks of managing hazards. Develops and monitors the effectiveness of intervention strategies.
•Provides educational guidance and direction to personnel involved with/exposed to hazards. Discusses, evaluates, coordinates, and resolves environmental issues throughout the company and subsidiaries and with organizations outside of the company. Discusses,
coordinates and resolves environmental problems with personnel throughout the company, its subsidiaries and with organizations outside of the company. Acts as the technical expert in his area of expertise.
•Evaluates the effectiveness of environmental awareness and education courses developed to promote sound environmental practices at work and in the community. Develops presentations for management and articles for company and professional publications on
environmental issues.
•Assesses the environmental impact of new installations or modifications to improve existing facilities covering a wide range of environmental issues. Reviews and comments on the environmental aspects of contract documents, budget briefs, design basis scoping papers, engineering designs, and project proposals.
•Develops design standards, general instructions, and procedures related to the control of environmental hazards.
•Keeps abreast of all company, government, and industry processes, operations, and products correlating them with new developments and literature in the field of environmental protection.
•Develops formal scientific reports and coordinates the preparation of reports written by subordinates within the unit. Makes frequent oral presentations of the reports.
•Reviews and disseminates environmental information received from outside agencies to pertinent organizations within the company and vice versa, as required.
•Interprets environmental policies, procedures and administrative guidelines and translates these into achievable goals and objectives.
•Collaborates with other groups/units within the Environmental Protection Department to ensure that appropriate action is undertaken when needed.
•Networks, manages relationships, and engages with both internal and external environmental professional and stakeholders.
•Provides advice, training, and leads pertinent junior and professional staff.

Minimum Requirements:
•A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in engineering plus a minimum of seven (7) years of professional environmental, public health or hygiene, academic or scientific related experience, preferably associated with environmental activities in the oil industry.
•Must be considered proficient in one or more of the following environmental fields: environmental health, industrial hygiene, marine biology/science, wastewater treatment, air quality, meteorology, oceanography, solid and hazardous waste disposal, aquifer monitoring, groundwater quality, handling and disposal of radioactive materials, geology, hydrology, ventilation, toxicology, acoustics, ergonomics, chemical practice, health physics, hazard communications, environmental law, environmental compliance, environmental awareness, etc.
•The candidate’s experience and accomplishments should clearly indicate that the individual is proficient in his field.
•Ability to speak, write, and present reports or articles in English using both scientifically correct terminology and terms acceptable at various intellectual levels.
•Must be able to hold a valid driving license.
•Current and thorough knowledge of environmental practices worldwide.

Application Method:
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