Chronos Consulting, Drilling Engineers Job Opening – Abu Dhabi

British, American and Swedish entrepreneurs founded the Coberon Chronos Group in the 1990s. Chronos Consulting worldwide and Coberon Russia are part of the Coberon Chronos Group which is a leading provider of recruitment, staffing, consulting, software outsourcing services & solutions for blue chip customers around the world for over 15 years.

Job Details:

Job title:   Drilling Engineers

Location:  Abu Dhabi

About the role:

To ensure the drilling engineering expertise that is required for the domestic and international drilling operations of the Company


  • Designing wellbore trajectories to subsurface targets
  • Preparing well designs including casing seat selection and casing string design
  • Wellhead selection, bit selection, BHA selection, drill string design
  • Preparing drilling programs incorporating fluid technology and cementing technology (cooperating and consulting with Company’s mud specialist and cementing specialist)
  • Preparing AFE’s to drilling programs and cost estimations for project proposals
  • Monitoring daily drilling operations and providing technical consulting to support field supervision
  • Preparing final drilling reports/end-of-well reports evaluating the operations and pointing out lessons learned
  • Participating in relevant tendering processes (preparing technical work scope, technically evaluating bids)
  • Continuously following advancements in worldwide drilling technology, proposing their application as relevant, supporting the implementation of new technologies, initiating improvements in Company’s drilling practices to best knowledge


  • BS or preferably MS degree in relevant professional area
  • Petroleum engineer or mining engineer or mechanical engineer or engineer with relevant courses and experience
  • Minimum 8 years oilfield experience in relevant positions
  • Advanced knowledge in drilling engineering and drilling operations
  • Valid IWCF well control certificate
  • Fluent English (spoken and written)

Application Method:

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    assist driller or flooormen job

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