AES seeks Unmanned Technology that can resist Extreme Heat

AES Corporation

The AES Corporation is the Fortune 200 company engineering tomorrow’s energy solutions. Our 21,000 AES people fuel quality of life for tens of millions of customers in 17 countries across four continents, while creating the power generation and delivery systems that will enable a renewable energy grid. Our 2015 revenues were $15 billion and we own and manage $37 billion in total assets. We have a history of innovation in the industry, starting with our founding as one of the U.S.’s first independent power producers and continuing through today as the world’s leading provider of energy storage solutions through our Advancion® product and leading user of drone-based applications in the electricity sector.

AES Mission: Improving lives by providing safe, reliable and sustainable energy solutions in every market we serve.


When an unexpected event causes a power plant outage, an entire city can become unplugged affecting millions of people. Due to extreme heat conditions during electricity generation, it can take up to 36 hours for a power plant to cool down to a level that someone with personal protective equipment can safely enter to inspect and repair equipment after an outage. It’s not only potentially hazardous work, but also increases the time it takes for us to begin generating electricity again. It’s estimated that hundreds of power plants are offline globally in part due to outage-related inspections representing more than $1 billion in lost power capacity.

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