Novidon Potato Starch is the most preferred products for Drilling and Mining Operations in the global markets


By Ndubuisi Micheal Obineme

Drilling Starches from Novidon are based on potato starch, the most preferred raw material for drilling starches. Our products are mainly used as a fluid loss reducer in water based drilling muds for drilling and mining operations. Novidon produces drilling starch for mud companies and local markets. The products could be supplied under own brand or private label. All our drillings starches meet and even exceed the standards, laid down in the API 13A : ISO

Potato starch is most preferred raw material for drilling starches, because of their excellent fluid loss reduction properties and high temperature resistence as well as it’s high purity and excellent filter cake forming properties. Novidon produces drilling starch for mud companies and local markets. The products could be supplied under own brand or private label.

The Novidon products are applied in different industries, such as: paper, drilling and mining, paper bag, labeling and wall covering industry. Novidon manufactures native potato starch and modified potato starch derivatives of the highest quality based on the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 (NL-BE) and ISO 9001:2015 (UK). High quality standards are used in production, trade and packing of starch for several applications and a worldwide delivery.

Novidon follows the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) method, providing a firm foundation on which to build sustainable improvements to Novidon’s business processes. Novidon offers a healthy and safe production environment that comply with relevant laws, regulations and internal procedures.

Processes are continue monitored by Novidon’s own systems, purchasers and authorities. Novidon’s main objective is to process co-products from the agricultural industry in a sustainable way to create innovative products which are applied in different industries. The company contributes to a better and sustainable environment.

Novidon processes only raw materials of exceptional quality and the company is also equipped with a professional laboratory, where the products are inspected and tested on an ongoing basis. Novidon has its own laboratories at its disposal to conduct research and testing. In these laboratories both the raw materials as well as the final starch products are extensively tested and monitored.

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