East Africa’s energy potential comes alive in Kenya

Nigeria’s power generation to rise by 20% in 2035 – Austin Avuru, Seplat CEO

Summary: 2nd Annual Power Tech Africa on 22nd – 23rd January, 2018 at Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi – Kenya to delve into ongoing developments and discuss the current as well as forthcoming renewable energy updates in Sub-Saharan Region.

As South Africa’s economy continues to grow, so does the demand for energy. Renewable are officially cheaper modes of power generation than fossil fuels. This means that the various forms of renewable energy that are available all over the world are now preferable — even economically — to those resources that can only be found in certain regions, and with the right equipment. So, in order to keep up with increasing demand for energy, as well as to maintain a low carbon footprint, South Africa’s future energy supply will need to be dominated by sources that are reliable, sustainable, cleaner and cheaper than fossil fuels.

According to the World Economic Forum, solar and wind energy are much cheaper sources of energy than fossil fuel and also cannot be easily depleted. Africa being the hub of natural sources of energy has started utilising its natural resources to generate renewable power without any harm to the environment. The recent success of the completed solar as well as wind energy projects within the country confirms that South Africa needs to continue investing in renewable sources of energy.

Generating clean, renewable energy does more than just help Africans keep the lights on and the air pure – it also means that they gain a valuable resource to trade & grow internationally. Securing energy is the first step to bringing African continent out of poverty and increasing the level of technology options available to the population.

According to Arthur Chien, VP of Talesun Energy: “South Africa’s renewable energy sector, which is derived from the sun, the wind, the sea and biomass, will develop significantly should more local businesses buy into the vision that renewable sources are the answer to the country’s energy dilemmas and future energy security”.

Thus, to help Africa develop its vision of providing electricity to every household, Bricsa Consulting is hosting its 2nd Annual Power Tech Africa conference on 22nd – 23rd January, 2018 at Villa Rosa Kempinski in Nairobi, Kenya. This conference will provide insights into the power sector of the African region. It will provide an in-depth knowledge of how Africa’s natural resources can be utilised to produce clean, renewable energy; thus producing enough electricity to light the whole continent.

With momentous investments into the future of renewable energy, including key partnerships and modelling behaviour from leadership, Africa may become a global energy leader in the near future. This 2nd edition will be a gathering for power sector leaders to converge at and discuss the issues faced in the region for producing enough energy to light the whole continent, especially the rural regions. 2nd Annual Power Tech conference will be discussing topics such as: Grid strength – in many Sub-Saharan African countries grid upgrades are still required to provide robust electricity backbone to their economies as well as Bankability of power purchase agreements – sovereign backing of PPA’s still remains an issue, Politics – investors need political and policy certainty, wariness of investing in unstable economies, or those wracked by war, unrest and corruption; while in some markets sticking to execution timeframes appears to be an additional risk.

Other topics that will be enlightened in this conference are: Maintenance of Stakeholder Relations by using the Big Data Analysis and its effect in maintaining a balanced sustainable community. Decentralization of Power Generation system in Rural Areas and the challenges faced by decentralizing the power generating system. A discussion on the mechanisms of Hybrid Energy System will also be a vast part of this conference.

New FDI (Foreign direct investment) policies in the Power Sector and its effectiveness in creating policy for supply of imported raw materials required in production & transmission, along with the current FDI framework for the gas market in Eastern Africa, will also be a topic of discussion.

Thus, 2nd Annual Power Tech Africa conference will bring together key players from the renewable energy sector under one roof to discuss and debate on Africa’s clean energy sector.

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