A Catalyst for Change, OGCI announces three investments in low emissions technologies

The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI)

LONDON, UK, – The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) announces its first three investments, moving forward the organization’s commitments into concrete action to spur the growth of promising low carbon technologies . CEOs from OGCI’s member companies and the CEO of its investment arm, OGCI Climate Investments, are meeting in London to share key outcomes of OGCI’s third year of work. Some of the world’s climate and energy leaders – representing government, NGOs and international organizations – will join their discussion.

OGCI Climate Investments is the billion – dollar investment fund established last year by OGCI.  The fund invests in promising technologies and business models that have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse  gas  emissions.  OGCI  Climate  Investments  is  building  a  network  of  partners  and  co-investors in key sectors to leverage the expertise of this global

Pratima  Rangarajan,  CEO  of  OGCI  Climate  Investments,  said:  “The  three  investments  we  are announcing have the potential to make a meaningful impact on greenhouse gas emissions. We look forward to working with these innovative teams to help them achieve commercial success on a global scale.”

OGCI  also  releases  its  third  annual  report  today,  which  shows the  progress  made  towards  tackling some of the industry’s biggest challenges and shares new partnership agreements that support OGCI’s

The full OGCI report, A Catalyst for Change, can be found here:

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