14 licences awarded in the Norwegian licensing round

14 licences awarded in the Norwegian licensing round

Lundin Petroleum AB (Lundin Petroleum) has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Lundin Norway AS (Lundin Norway) has been awarded a total of 14 exploration licence interests in the 2017 Norwegian licensing round (Awards in Predefined Areas, APA).

The record-high award includes six licences in the North Sea, four licences in the Norwegian Sea and four licences in the southern Barents Sea. Six of the awarded licences will be operated by Lundin Norway.

The licence interests are detailed below and a map is included in the attachment.

Licence Lundin Norway licence interest
PL904 (Blocks 2/9, 3/7):
PL167C (Block 16/1):
PL914S (Ivar Aasen unit)(Block 16/1):
PL916 (Blocks 16/2, 25/11):
PL917 (Blocks 25/7, 10):
PL919 (Block 25/4):
PL934 (Blocks 6307/2, 5)*:
PL935 (Block 6306/3):
PL936 (Blocks 6306/2, 5):
PL886B (Blocks 6307/1, 4)*:
PL950 (Blocks 7020/1, 2, 7120/11)*:
PL952 (Blocks 7124/5,6,8,9, 7125/4,5,6,7)*:
PL954 (Blocks 7121/1,2,3, 7221/10, 11)*:
PL533B (Block 7219/11)*:
20% – North Sea
20% – North Sea
1.385% – North Sea
20% – North Sea
20% – North Sea
15% – North Sea
40% – Norwegian Sea
20% – Norwegian Sea
30% – Norwegian Sea
40% – Norwegian Sea
50% – Southern Barents Sea
60% – Southern Barents Sea
40% – Southern Barents Sea
35% – Southern Barents Sea

*operator Lundin Norway
Lundin Petroleum is one of Europe’s leading independent oil and gas exploration and production companies with operations focused on Norway and listed on NASDAQ Stockholm (ticker “LUPE”).

Read more about Lundin Petroleum’s business and operations at www.lundin-petroleum.com

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