Lufthansa operates all-female flight on International Women’s Day

Lufthansa operates all-female flight on International Women's Day

On International Women’s Day, female passengers on flight LH 174 from Frankfurt Airport received more than just red roses: As they climbed on board the plane, the passengers soon found out that their flight would almost exclusively be managed by women.

The crew in the cockpit and in the cabin as well as most of the personnel on the airport apron were all women.

The pilot Riccarda Tammerle and her co-pilot Laura Grammes flew the plane and its all-female crew to Berlin.

Most of the baggage handling was also conducted by women.

However, the procedure couldn’t do completely without men, Christian Meyer, the deputy leader of diversity and social issues for the airport operator Fraport, admitted on Thursday. Loading the cargo onto the plane remained an all-male operation.

Due to special employment safety regulations in Germany, employing women in areas that often requires workers to handle heavy loads is restricted.

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