E.ON to Invest in US Energy Efficiency Platform

E.ON is acquiring a stake in the US start-up Enervee. Founded in 2012, Enervee provides a dynamic platform on which consumers can make more energy-efficient choices when it comes to household appliances, devices and electronics. Enervee does this via a comprehensive scoring process that constantly compares the efficiency of the product in question with all those in the category. US Energy Efficiency Platform, E.ON, USA Energy, Oil and Gas News, Oil and Gas Companies

This intuitive efficiency score – the Enervee Score – is then combined with other data such as popularity and reviews, enabling consumers to better and more easily choose the products that are best for the home, their wallet and the environment.
The aim of this investment is to develop a platform that recognizes and meets European market needs. “By cooperating with Enervee, we will be able to give our customers even greater support in making choices that save energy. The Enervee Score makes it possible to recommend energy-efficient devices for specific needs,” comments Susana Quintana-Plaza, Senior Vice President for Technology and Innovation at E.ON.
“Providing easily accessible information about the total cost (purchase price and cost of use) alongside environmental impact empowers consumers to take better decisions. Especially when that information is seamlessly integrated in the marketplace at the time of purchase,” says Matthias Kurwig, co-founder and CEO of Enervee. “Until today this information has been difficult to find and near impossible to understand. The Enervee Score, along with the marketplaces we build for our partners, make it easy and compelling for consumers to act on real knowledge and will transform the way we all shop for any product that uses power.”
With this investment, E.ON is expanding its venture capital activities further. To date, the company has invested in twelve start-ups across the US and Europe.

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