Ministers from Africa to Held Talks on Promoting Access to Low-Carbon Development

Ministers from governments across Africa will gather at this year’s Africa Carbon Forum (ACF) on April 13-15 in Marrakesh, Morocco, to step up momentum towards a new, universal climate change agreement in 2015. They will also highlight the region’s readiness and requirement for accelerated private and public financing of low-carbon development.

With countries set to approve a new climate change agreement in Paris in December, this year’s ACF has taken on added significance with inclusion of a high-level segment hosted by the Government of Morocco.

The ministers are expected to consult on their contributions to the agreement via their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) while exploring and encouraging greater opportunities for low-carbon development.

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, said: “A visionary agreement in Paris can, in concert with an inspirational suite of sustainable development goals, assist in further unlocking Africa’s inordinate potential for clean, green, low-carbon development. The Africa Carbon Forum is an ideal venue for ministers and experts to weigh options, policies and pathways that can fast track the finance, mechanisms and markets needed to realize these aims.”

ACF supports Africa’s participation in global carbon markets and its access to green investment with a range of conference sessions, side events and networking opportunities. Participants will be briefed and receive training on:

  • Identification of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions to climate change action challenges and opportunities;
  • Low carbon development opportunities;
  • Trends in international carbon markets;
  • Finance and project opportunities, for example from the Green Climate Fund;
  • Efforts to increase demand for carbon credits generated by the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM); and
  • Opportunities in results-based financing.

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