Solar Powered TV to serve as viable option for power access in a remote environment in Nigeria

Nigeria’s major challenge is access to consistent power supply and it have triggered the increase of diesel and petrol consumption for businesses and households in many environment within the country. Despite the recent economy recession, there are still no ways you can avoid buying these petroleum products to serve your needs.

As we all know, using diesel and petrol-fired generators is clearly becoming unsustainable and also lead to air and noise pollution in the environment where it is been operated. However, up until now this has been the only viable option for power access in a country with terribly outdated grid infrastructure.

One of the innovation that will make the environment more greener and can serve as an alternative power source in the environment is by introducing a Solar Powered TV in the Nigerian market. A Solar Powered TV can be operated in remote regions of the world where there is no electricity or aerial installation. It’s an all-in-one package that includes the LED TV, portable solar panel and TV aerial in one box.

More interesting, a Solar Powered TV will reduce the cost of buying fuels in Nigeria and reducing the usage of generators as this will lead to a clean and greener environment. In Nigeria, everybody uses TV for entertainment purposes such as watching sports including footballs, movies and much more… DSTV has also become a small and medium scale business in Nigeria as lots of football lovers troop in at the view center to watch and support their favorite club in the German League, Premier League, Spanish League, Italian League etc…

The Way Forward

There are so many solar energy service providers which offer solar panels, batteries and accessories to consumers through a procurement model that imitate a fueled generator’s initial procurement and expenditure pattern.

As an example: To fully understand the inherent characteristics of a Solar Powered TV, UK based company, Cello Electronics, has launched the World’s First Solar TV in Nairobi, Kenya. The Cello solar powered TV is an out of the box solution that is simple to operate and is positioned in the viewing area whilst the solar panel and smart antenna is placed in a suitable location outdoors. The internal battery can be changed if needed.

With the CAM/card decryption this TV is ideal for use in Nigeria where TV channels are scrambled and in remote envrioment where there is no electricity. Another benefit is the USB which can be used for mobile phone charging.

Smart Energy Management in the Solar TV: The Smart Energy Management system delivers up to 10 hours of operation. Patented by Cello it optimizes the Solar energy usage for different weather conditions and day/night operation. This means that the Solar TV will NOT have the ability to connect to the regular electricity grid from the get-go meaning its a solar-first device that is ready made.

Other Key Features:
• Satellite Tuner – view satellite channels free through the integrated satellite
• DVBT2 – watch digital channels in stunning full HD quality
• USB 2.0 – charge mobile phones plus record, timeshift and audio/video playback

A Solar Powered TV will receive a huge patronage in the Nigerian market, as the market for off-grid energy products and solutions is a big business opportunity given that some remote environments in Nigeria are effectively off the grid. Therefore, for the Solar Powered TV to stay competitive, it must appeal to the majority of low income power consumers; which in turn requires a reworking of the commercial offering and pricing packages. It is exactly that a Solar Powered TV will definitely succeed in the Nigerian market.

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