Bako Ambianda Launches Quarantine And Read Challenge

Quarantine And Read Challenge
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HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA – The President of Bako Ambianda International, LLC (BAI), an international professional and personal development company, have formerly launched a “Quarantine And Read Challenge”

Bako Ambianda is an International Development Expert, Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker, Philanthropist, and Global African Entrepreneur.

He is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Labacorp Group of Companies (LGC), a dynamic diversified holding company with a portfolio of businesses and strategic investment in manufacturing, renewable energy, real estate, agribusiness, exhibition, and professional training industries operating in five countries.

Through his activities in the personal development industry, he created Bako Ambianda International (BAI), also known as The Bako University to inspire young professionals through books, videos, and personal growth trainings.

Bako University is a professional organization that offers courses in mindset improvement, community development, career advancement, and maximizing human potentials.

He has authored six personal development books all available on Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. His books include, “Destined to Win in the Game of Life”, “Ingredient to Uplift Your Journey”, Who’s In Your Ears”, “The Unstoppable Warrior”, “Invest in Your Mindset”, and “How to See it and Go Get It”. He has also created motivational video series including “Just Jump” and Invest in Your Mindset”

There is extensive news coverage about the COVID-19 outbreak that is polluting the minds of many and creating anxiety, stress, hopelessness, fear, and panic. The more the virus spreads, these unavoidable activities will increase while causing many to freak out.

To help keep people in a positive mode during this period, Mr. Bako have launched a “Quarantine And Read Challenge” on social media to encourage people to hold onto hope and positiveness, which will carry them forward during this profound time in history.

Mr. Bako Ambianda is inviting Authors, Motivational Speakers, Inspirational Speakers, Business Leaders, Bloggers, and Influencers to encourage their audience during this period to read, so together we can contribute in reducing the fear and panic around the world.

These are indeed different and difficult times and it is as well the best time for people to read positive books. “Writing a book is an undertaking that involves a lot of commitment. It is a gift and ability to touch other’s hearts and influence their daily habits” “said Bako Ambianda, creator of the “Quarantine And Read Challenge” and President of Bako Ambianda International (BA)

To participate in the challenge, simply pick at least one (1) positive book to read in the month of April (Online or Paperback). Post a picture of the book on your social media page and use the hashtag #QuarantineAndReadChallenge

Mr. Bako Ambianda has been listed on Forbes Africa 30 under 30, Class of 2020, and has been named one of the Most Influential People of African Descent (Under 40) by MIPAD, 50 Most Admired Global Africans by PASSION VISTA, and received the 2018 Global Business Disruptor Award by PAYA.

In the personal development industry, Mr. Bako Ambianda is known for his authority on the understanding and stimulation of human potential. He has spoken at over 20 U.S colleges and public audiences on personal and professional development and been interviewed and quoted many times in the media.

About Bako Ambianda International (BAI)
BAI is an international professional and personal development company that focuses on unlocking the people’s potentials worldwide.

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