Energy is central to sustainable development, one of the priorities of the G20 – Mauricio Macri, Argentina President

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President of Argentina has stressed the importance of renewable energies, focus area energy transitions G20.

President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, opened today the Forum for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, an event associated with the working group G20 energy transitions will begin tomorrow.

“Today we convened a special theme, which is one of the great challenges that shares the world: energy transition , ” said the President at the opening ceremony in the CCK “Sustainable development is one of the priorities. G20 agenda and energy is central because it is the fundamental condition for the development of a country , “said Macri, noting that 147 renewable energy projects were awarded in 18 provinces of Argentina in 2017 and the projection is that by 2025 20% of the country’s energy from renewable sources.

A few minutes earlier, Juan Jose Aranguren, Minister of Energy and Mining had welcomed the forum and highlighted the place of sustainable development issues in the G20. “We are in a transition to cleaner energy systems, a transition that is different between countries. We all recognize that renewable energy and energy efficiency are central to a cleaner energy matrix , “said Aranguren, who thanked the work of Germany and China on these issues in previous presidencies of the G20.

After the minister ‘s words joined two international voices. Ursula Borak, deputy director in the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany a country that held the presidency of the G20 in 2017 expressed willingness to work together: “We are pleased that Argentina take responsibility for the G20, which in recent years has proven to be an increasingly important area of multilateral cooperation “. Kazushige Tanaka, director in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan, he added later: “Today’s forum is very promising and exciting so we will try topics: energy efficiency and renewable energy , ” he said.

With international experts and related global organizations, the forum will continue until 17h, when the Aranguren Minister and Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Sergio Bergman, will make an end of the day.

Tomorrow, from 9am start the first meeting of the Working Group for Energy Transitions, one of the 11 areas of work of the G20 and with the participation of delegates from member countries and international organizations.

The Group ‘s priority is the transition to more flexible, transparent and clean energy systems. From there it will promote the strengthening of energy efficiency and renewable energy, access to energy, reducing inefficient fossil fuel subsidies, and transparency of energy information and digitalization of energy markets.

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