FG, NNPC, Industry Players Intensify Efforts to Increase Domestic Gas Supply in Nigeria

FG, NNPC, Industry Players Intensify Plans to Increase Domestic Gas Supply in Nigeria
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By Genevieve Aningo

The Federal Government of Nigeria, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), and industry players in the Nigerian Gas sector has made a substantial commitment to increase the domestic gas supply across the country.

In a statement made known to Oil and Gas Republic at the Nigeria Gas Association Business Forum 2019 recently held in Lagos, NNPC alongside with the Ministry of Petroleum Resources has established some key initiatives to make gas production, distribution and utilization attainable in the country. Part of the initiatives include; the Seven Critical Gas Development Projects signed by NNPC in July 2018 with the aim of closing demand-supply gap in the domestic gas market.

Engr. Emeka Okwuosa, Group CEO, Oilserv Limited, commended the FG government and NNPC on the initiatives set aside to develop the Nigerian gas market, and explaining that the Seven Critical Gas Projects will also bring gas into the market for industries and power plants consumption. 

According to him “If we integrate all these and able to provide the right infrastructure then we are getting gas to the market for domestic use. Gas gives us an opportunity to move from a single source of economy like crudeoil into other sectors. It also gives us an opportunity to develop industries across local environment. We have proven reserve of about 199 tcf. Nigeria isn’t just oil producing nation but actually gas more than oil”.

He further explained that with these initiatives, it would go beyond providing more than 2500 jobs during the process of construction and it is also a means of diversifying the nation’s economy. 

He highlighted the economic impacts his company, Oilserv, has contributed in western Nigeria.  Since 1995 Oilserv has been building oil and gas pipeline facilities. In year 2000, the company concentrated on gas development in Nigeria. Oilserv spearheaded the collaboration of NNPC and gaslinks ensuring gas distribution to places like Ilupeju from Amuwo Odofin network in Lagos state. Oilserv built from phase 1 to phase 4.

“As we speak, we have gas at Ilupeju and we also have gas all the way from Amuwo Odofin. Also, we have brought in gas into Marina and Victoria Island. It goes into making sure that gas is available for industries and power plants,” he added.

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