G20 energy ministers discussed the transition to cleaner and flexible systems

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And invited representatives of member countries will meet on 14 and 15 June in Bariloche to discuss issues such as renewable energy and efficiency.

Primarily responsible for energy policy G20 appointment this week in Bariloche, in Argentina ‘s Patagonia, for the Meeting of Energy Ministers Forum will be given.

Between 14 and 15 June , the fourth ministerial meeting of the forum Argentina presidency will convene the member countries and international guests to discuss public policies that promote the transition to more flexible, transparent and clean energy systems organizations.

Under this premise, the participants will discuss the strengthening of renewable energy and energy efficiency, access to energy in Latin America and the Caribbean, reducing inefficient subsidies for fossil fuels, and transparency of energy information and digitization energy markets.

At the same time, they will work on one of the broad consensus of the group, the concept of behavior change (behavior change), driven by Argentina presidency of the G20. The adoption by individuals and groups of healthy habits of consumption can generate multiple benefits, from reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and enhanced energy security to lower energy bills and improved competitiveness in the industrial sector and service.

The meeting, to be held at the Llao Llao hotel at the end of the Second Meeting of the Working Group for Energy Transitions , start on Thursday 14 with a technical visit to INVAP and a working dinner, and will continue on Friday 15 with plenary sessions and presentations from leading industry experts and international energy organizations.

After the meeting , which will take place behind closed doors, there will be a press conference by the G20 troika, composed of the country holding the presidency of the forum, who presided over the previous year and who will preside the following year, which will be broadcast on the YouTube channel of the G20 . There, Juan Jose Aranguren, Minister of Energy and Mining of Argentina; Thorsten Herdan, Managing Director of Energy Policy in Germany and Yoji Muto, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, will report on major developments.

In turn, the ministers disseminated a statement with the most relevant conclusions, which will be the support of the recommendations then come to the Leaders ‘ Summit.

The G20 was established in 1999 as a technical meeting of finance ministers and Central Bank presidents. During the economic crisis of 2008, it became what it is today: a key discussion and decision-making space in which top world leaders and major economies participate. Together, members represent 85% of the total crude product, two thirds of the world population and 75% of international trade.

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