Leading tech firms, experts brainstorm at Schneider Electric’s Innovation Day 2019

Schneider Electric Innovation Day 2019
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LAGOS, 10 October. Experts in technological innovations, automations and energy management met at Schneider Electric’s Innovation Day, which held at Lagos Continental Hotel, on the 10 of October, 2019 to deliberate and exchange ideas as regards contextual applications of the latest wave of digitization in powering the digital economy to increase efficiency, business growth, and profitability.

Albert Fuchet, the Cluster president for Anglophone Africa, delivered the keynote address titled, “Powering and Digitizing the Economy”.

He said, “Digital technologies provide possibilities for a wide range of benefits ranging from efficiency gains, customer intimacy, energy security and management, automation and remote operations, safer work environment, and a lot more, depending on the user’s preference. Ultimately, the organisation’s bottom line is impacted in a sustainable fashion.

“The broad application of Internet of Things, IoT is still evolving. Exploring big data and cloud computing is ongoing. Also, virtually all equipment and operations can be made smart.

“In the oil and gas sector today, we see a fully-automated offshore platform. What are the ancillary services to go with such innovations that Nigerians can offer?

“It doesn’t stop there; more and more innovations are expected. Everyone who plays in the space needs to anticipate, know what’s obtainable and participate, profitably”, he quipped.

Setting the tone for the conversation with other experts, he shared his findings on how the disruptive technologies of the digital economy are challenging companies to think and act differently in order to benefit from the trend.

At the strategy sessions, experts touched on a couple of issues, some of which include adapting to a culture of having smart buildings – which can think, sense and adapt! Others include tackling complex IT and DC environments with Cloud-based management systems, big data analytics, mobile insights and optimized operations.

With EcoStruxure, Schneider Electric’s IoT-enabled architecture, facilitators from the energy management firm availed participants, first-hand insight into the use of sustainable energy and automation solutions. Users also narrated their experiences as enlightening and re-assuring.

Christophe Begat, Managing Director Anglophone West Africa, Schneider Electric, also stated, “It’s easy to enhance organizational performance through the use of digital technologies. Often, a company will narrow down to the ideal tool to deploy, once it is enlightened. That’s what the learning sessions offered delegates.

“Whatever the organizational needs are, there are digital tools to cater for them. While some are picked off the shelf and ready to use, others are customized to suit specific scenarios. Digitization will reduce production lead times, increase speed-to-market, improve the use of data in a global supply chain and a lot more, he averred.

Schneider Electric is a leading brand in the digital transformation of energy management and automation in homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries.

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