Rainmaker Well Positioned to Deliver Innovative Solutions in Nigeria’s Energy Sector

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By Ndubuisi Micheal Obineme

Rainmaker, a Canadian based company with its headquarter in Calgary, has proven its ability by providing world class industry solutions to clients globally, and has worked on a variety of projects on Power Generation, Pipelines, Logistics, Oil & Gas Field development.

In an interview with our correspondent at the sideline of the Nigeria-Canada Investment Summit 2018 recently held in Abuja, Managing Director, Rainmaker Global Business Development UK, Karl Teviotdale, said that the company has a global reach with access to senior individuals within the Public & Private Sectors at key locations internationally.

Karl further explained that the key objective of Rainmaker is to deliver value to the customer through technical innovation and structuring the business to ensure economic viability. Rainmaker has proven its ability to turn its hand to a number of varied projects within the energy sector.

“I have personally been involved in Power Generation, Field Development, Procurement and Technology Concept Design & Development with clients based in Europe, The Americas, Africa and the Middle East. One project that I spent a large part of my time working on was the overhaul and relocation of a high output, combined cycle gas power plant which we have planned to bring from the UK to Nigeria,” he added.

“I want to be involved in dealing with the government, the national oil & gas operators and power generation companies to bring in key partners and bespoke solutions to Nigeria’s energy industry requirements, and to do this within a budget which will allow revenue generated to stay within Nigeria be used for further redevelopment and improvements throughout the country as a whole.

“Through our network at Rainmaker, we can bring in key partners for oil & gas field development, power generation and infrastructure upgrades to make these projects work where others have failed. It has to be done right for all involved.

“Nigeria has got so much going for it as a nation in terms of natural resources, geographic positioning and fantastic people with a real pride & desire to improve their country. We will need to bring in the right companies, investors and developers to do the job better this time.

“We will need to use innovative solutions and lean structuring to bring projects online which had previously seemed impossible, but we will also need to provide safeguards and guarantees to those same people that there investment will be secure.

“In my time speaking with the local people at the summit, from all different walks of life, the overwhelming impression I got was that the time for talk and for rhetoric is over and that now they want to see action. I genuinely believe that they mean it.

“All of the ingredients for success are there, we just need the right chefs to put it all together. It’s a very exciting time and I dearly hope to be able to play a role in making things happen,” he concluded.

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