ROSATOM VP allays Nigerians’ concerns over dangers of nuclear power

ROSATOM VP allays Nigerians’ concerns over dangers of nuclear power

Following Nigeria’s agreement with Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation, ROSATOM to build nuclear power plants (NPP) in the country, after a framework agreement in 2012, the Regional Vice President, Central and Southern Africa of ROSATOM, Mr Viktor Polikarpov has allayed concerns over the proposed project in a recent interview.

On perceived criticisms of ROSATOM’s NPP agreement with Nigeria, he said; “A great deal has already been done in terms of the legal framework and educating specialists, both of which are part of the nuclear infrastructure development programme. Criticism in general stems from the perceived lack of free information about the technology.

It is also based on non factual myths about disasters and radiation. The main goal is to provide transparent information. For example, Nigeria is now actively starting its work with various stakeholders and we at ROSATOM are ready to provide the necessary assistance.”

On the issue of the potential danger of radioactive waste, he said; “It is true that there is still much skepticism about nuclear technologies, however the positive perception of nuclear technologies and its beneficial impact are constantly growing and nuclear technologies are constantly developing.

The fear of so-called “nuclear waste” has been debated for 50 years and it is a fact that the nuclear industry is subject to incredibly stringent international and national standards and regulations

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