Scotland to become a net-zero emitter of greenhouse gases by 2045

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Scotland is a leading voice in the climate conversation.​ As the world is moving out of the coronavirus crisis, Scotland is planning to rebuild its economy in a way that supports human wellbeing and the transition towards a greener, net-zero country, while overcoming inequality and ensuring sustainability.

By 2045, Scotland will become a net-zero emitter of greenhouse gases, the most ambitious timeline of any country in the world.

The Scottish Government has launched a £3 billion Green Investment Portfolio to attract new low carbon investments into Scotland. A total of 10 projects are included in the first release with a combined estimated value of £1.16 billion of investment potential.

This visionary Green Investment Portfolio is an important part of Scotland’s innovative, strategic approach. Supported by a stable policy and regulatory framework, Scotland is determined to end its contribution to climate change within a generation.

Internationally recognised as the powerhouse of Europe for renewable energy, Scotland have developed an early foothold in developing net-zero solutions, products and processes that they export across the world – from emerging tidal and marine energy to world-class offshore energy expertise. With full commitment to tackling climate change, you can leverage historic levels of public support, and take advantage of Scotland’s investor-friendly policies.

Scotland is going greener faster than anyone else. If you’re looking for green opportunities that enhance wellbeing and deliver strong commercial returns, there’s never been a better time to invest in Scotland.

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