Siemens opens new energy-focused Application Center in Berlin

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  • New digitalization hub brings Siemens domain and digital experts together with energy customers to explore and co-create innovative digital applications and solutions
  • Open concept to encourages spirited collaboration

Siemens is “making digital real” with the opening of its latest energy services facility in Berlin, a new MindSphere Application Center for Power Generation Services.

With its broad portfolio of digital services and tools, Siemens designed the new center so that energy customers, software engineers and Siemens engineering experts could come together in one place to explore the customer value offered by the company’s digital services tools and solutions. The open concept encourages spirited collaboration and creates an environment conducive to innovation and new ideas. It also boasts the latest digital technology to showcase Siemens’ digital offerings in the most visual and hands-on way possible, such as a Digital Power Plant running on MindSphere.

With this new center, Siemens is setting the stage for even more co-creation, directly with its energy customers. This includes new applications and digital solutions that can lead to improved operations and performance as well as leading digital programs and expanding its digital portfolio of tools.

At the recent opening of the MindSphere Application Center in Berlin, Tim Holt, CEO of Siemens Power Generation Services said, “The digital solutions of tomorrow will be developed in direct collaboration with our energy customers. And our MindSphere Application Centers provide the right setting for co-creating innovative digital solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.”

Siemens’ approach to creating MindSphere Application Centers is to establish facilities in multiple locations around the world, strategically placed near customers so that opportunities for co-creation and collaboration are readily available close by. Along with the Berlin digital center, the company will open additional facilities in the future, with Orlando and Shanghai opening in the next few months.

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