Total Announces Approval of New Resolutions Proposed By Shareholders

Total CEO Mr. Patrick Pouyanné
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Paris, May 29, 2020 – Total’s Shareholders’ Meeting was held as a closed session at the Company’s headquarter, on May 29, 2020, under the chairmanship of Mr. Patrick Pouyanné.

During the meeting, The Shareholders adopted all resolutions approved by the Board of Directors, including:

  • Approval of the 2019 financial statements, the payment of a dividend for 2019 of 2.68 euros per share, as well as the option for the payment in shares of the final 2019 dividend of 0.68 euro per share,
  • Renewal of the terms of office as Director of Mrs. Patricia Barbizet and 
  • Mrs. Marie-Christine Coisne-Roquette as well as for Mr. Mark Cutifani for a three-year period,
  • Nomination as Director of Mr. Jérôme Contamine for a three-year period,
  • Various elements related to the remuneration of the Directors, 
  • Elements of compensation due or granted to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for the 2019 financial year and the compensation policy for 2020, 
  • Approval of the conversion of the Company to a European company and the adoption of the Articles of Association of the Company in its new European corporate form, including other various modifications, notably related to the consideration by the Board of Directors of the social and environmental challenges of the Company’s activities, 
  • Various delegations of authority and financial authorizations granted to the Board of Directors. 

The resolution proposed by a group of shareholders and that the Board of Directors recommended not to approve, has been rejected by a vast majority (83.2%) of shareholders.

The full results of the votes and the presentations made to the shareholders will be available on the website

Mr. Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, also presented, in particular, the way the Group has organized itself to deal with health and economic crises. He gave an update on the implementation of the Group’s strategy and presented the Company’s new climate ambition by 2050.

He also announced the decision of the Board of Directors to appoint Mrs. Marie-Christine Coisne-Roquette as Lead Director, thus replacing Mrs. Patricia Barbizet in these missions, at the end of the Shareholders’ Meeting.

Mrs. Marie-Christine Coisne-Roquette will chair the Governance and Ethics Committee. Mr. Cutifani and Mr. Patrick Artus agreed to take the chairmanship of the Compensation Committee and the Audit Committee, respectively.

The Board of Directors and the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, on behalf of all shareholders, thanked Mrs. Patricia Barbizet for her role as Lead Director since her appointment on December 18, 2015.  

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