Total Service Station Goes Beyond Petroleum Products

Total Service Station
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By Ndubuisi Micheal Obineme

Total is one of the largest international oil and gas companies in the world involved in Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream activities not only to produce energy but to supply energy to the people.

Total operates in more than 150 countries. The company is also a first rank player in chemicals, exploration, and production of oil and natural gas, refining and marketing, gas and new energies, trading, and chemicals. Its 96,000 employees put their expertise to work in every part of the industry.

In Nigeria, Total operates over 500 service stations across the country, all strategically positioned to ensure quality products and services from Total. The company is also expanding its global network of service stations in order to be closer to its customers on a daily basis. Total owns over 16,000 stations, offering quality products and services tailored to customer needs.

Total service station in Onigbagbo, Ikeja, Nigeria, is equipped with solar panels, launched in Lagos on June 12, 2014, and making it the first self-powered station in West Africa. In Berlin-Schönefeld, Germany, its station is completely autonomous and powered by a combination of fully renewable energies (solar, wind, and hydrogen).

The Solar-powered filling station is a new innovation introduced by Total Plc which is a case study to encourage the use of safe energy in Nigeria. The construction of the service station is part of efforts aimed at providing energy solutions that are efficient and environmentally friendly.

The Onigbagbo Total solar service station is an integral part of the group’s efforts to reinforce our network identity with a resolutely contemporary image, installations that are more energy-efficient and outlets that blend harmoniously into the environment.

The SunPower photovoltaic panels on its forecourt roof convert the sun’s rays into electricity. This electricity is used to supply renewable energy to power the entire service station. Its eco-friendly design, transparent canopy, earthy and neutral color tones, and green area creates a warm and welcoming environment for our esteemed customers.

This innovative service station also features zero emissions of harmful greenhouse gases, zero noise pollution, and a renewable energy source. Therefore, whether customers fuel, service or wash their cars or simply get cold drinks at its Café Bonjour shop, they are partnering with us to build a more sustainable environment. The establishment of the solar-powered service station clearly depicts Total’s dedication to continuous improvement and the establishment of an identity related to constant innovation that makes Total difference in the global energy industry.

Total’s management team said that innovation was part of the company’s effort to catch up with the ongoing energy transition. The service station, which also houses a departmental store makes it less dependable on public electricity or fuel to power generating sets as well as boost customers’ confidence in its services.

The goal within the next five years is to equip 5,000 Total stations with solar panels. This project is equivalent to installing approximately 200 megawatts of power and represents an investment of close to $300 million. It will reduce CO2 emissions by 100,000 metric tonnes per year. The Group is also present in Africa, where it has been involved in the distribution for over 80 years.

Total is the leading distributor of petroleum products with 4,300 stations located throughout 36 countries.

In Africa, for example, where more than 70% of the population is equipped with a mobile phone, Total offers mobile payment and money transfer solutions in partnership with service providers such as Orange and Airtel. This service already exists in 20 African countries and will soon be extended to 10 other countries in Africa.

The total network consists of 16,000 service stations in 66 countries, situated in city centers, suburban areas, and along major roads and highways. This includes the European AS24 network devoted to heavy goods vehicles, with its 770 stations located throughout 28 countries.

Total has developed a smartphone app. Available in seven languages, it suggests routes and indicates the location of its stations and the services they provide.

Lubricants: Total’s globally acclaimed range of lubricants are developed through continuous research & innovation, and in cooperation with equipment manufacturers to create high technology, energy-efficient products for optimal performance and protection of machinery.

As the world’s fourth-largest distributor of lubricants and the leading distributor of petroleum products in Africa, Total Marketing Services operates 50 production sites worldwide where it manufactures the lubricants, bitumen, additives, special fuels, and fluids that sustain its growth.

In 2018, Total Lubrifiants, a world leader in lubricants, and Temot, a global automotive parts and accessories purchasing company, entered a new partnership agreement.

This three-year strategic partnership will enable customers around the world to benefit from TOTAL’s broadest and most powerful range of lubricants available today.

Bonjour Shop: Total has also diversified its line of products and services offered at its stations, which are becoming true ‘one-stop-shop’ and opening its network to partners providing food service. Stopping at a station provides an opportunity to do much more than just stretch your legs.

You can grab a snack, drink and so much more in Total’s Bonjour shops. The company has also par tnered with top quick-service restaurants such as Chicken Republic and KFC to ensure all your needs are met at one-stop.

Car Wash: There are 3 decisive features in selecting a car wash, Wash quality, Vehicle protection, and value for money; Total offers a variety of car wash packages covering all three features that ensure your car gets the shine it deserves.

In Nigeria, the company’s car wash is located at Igbobi Service Station, Ikorodu Road, Ikeja, etc…

Over 20 of its stations have the manpower to give your car a good traditional hand wash.

Total Wash centers also demonstrate its commitment to eco-responsibility as 150 of these facilities recycle around 75% of the water they use.

e-cash: Financial Services in Total Service Stations. In making Total a one-stop-shop for all your needs. Automated Teller Machines (ATM) are installed in select stations in Nigeria.

Quickteller: A platform called Quickteller is available in Total services stations to facilitate the performance of other financial transactions such as mobile money services, bills payments, Airtime vending, funds transfer and collection points for international remittances e.g. Western Union, Money gram, account opening for banks
and lots more.

Total e-cash – *737# Cashout: Total customers can now make cash withdrawals in select Total Service Stations without an ATM as the company has partnered with GTBank. Total Nigeria Plc now offers customers the opportunity to get cash from selected stations with the “dial of a button”.

How does it work?
Customers dial a USSD string on their mobile phones e.g. 73735AMOUNTSAP CODE# to withdraw cash from Total service stations.

The customer’s GT Bank account is debited by the amount withdrawn, and Total’s account is credited. The station staff then releases the cash to the customer.

Convenient service for the customer through Instant cash out.
Reduces the need to go to the ATM or bank to withdraw cash.
Enhanced liquidity management: Total Stations are able to manage cash and save time in going to the bank to deposit cash.

No installation or capital expenditure required: GTBank has provided the phones required for the 50 (fifty) stations in the pilot phase.

Courier Service: DHL Express, the world’s leading international express services provider and Total, Nigeria’s leading multinational energy and provider of convenience services, has come together to provide customers with better access to global express services.

A consumer looking to send documents or parcels overseas can simply walk into a Total service station to send their shipment, ensuring greater convenience and accessibility to the over 220 countries and territories that DHL serves.

This further emphasizes the TOTAL’s vision of being a one-stop-shop that caters to the growing needs of consumers beyond just the provision of petroleum products.

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